CCTV Chimney Inspection

CCTV image showing bird's nest stuck in a chimneyBlockages are common in chimneys and if they are not cleared they can lead to serious problems.

Problems such as chimney fires and carbon monoxide filling up your house can endager the lives of you and your family.

A CCTV inspection can help prevent this.

During sweeping it's common for the brush to not pass smoothly up the chimney and when this happens I can use Closed Circuit Television camera to check any obstruction.

The specialised camera is passed up the chimney on the cleaning rods so I can see the cause of any blockage.

It can also be used to detect any other problems, for example with the brickwork.

Once the blockage is detected and cleared I send the camera up a second time to make sure it has been cleared.

Closed Circuit (CCTV) in actionCCTV takes the guesswork out of clearing a chimney blockage.

It also helps your peace of mind for you to know that there is nothing left in your chimney that could cause problems.

CCTV chimney inspection is available at a small extra cost on top of chimney sweeping.


Many blockages are caused by bird's nests that have fallen into the chimney.

I can stop this from being a problem by installing a bird guard.

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